what you need for a healthy aquarium

If you are just starting out with keeping an aquarium, there are a lot of things that you should know. Learn tips for keeping your fish healthy.

Buying Your First Saddle

14 December 2021
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For individuals that enjoy riding horses, a quality saddle can be an important purchase for allowing you to comfortably and safely ride your horse. If you are still fairly new to owning a horse, you may be unsure as to the types of factors that you should look for when buying a saddle. View Your New Saddle As An Investment A quality saddle can be a somewhat expensive purchase to make. Read More …

3 Reasons To Choose A Leather Collar For Your Dog

14 June 2021
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A collar is the ultimate fashion statement for any dog. Although you probably want your pet to have a stylish collar, you must remember that a collar plays many practical roles in a dog's life as well. Collars can be used as a training tool, a restraint device, and a tool for identifying a lost dog. There are many collars available on the market today. A padded leather collar makes a great choice for any dog owner looking to strike the right balance between style and function. Read More …

Tips To Maintain Ricordea In Your Aquarium

8 June 2019
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Ricordea, also known as flower mushroom coral, add a lot of color to your aquarium and they are fairly easy to maintain. When shopping for Ricordea, you will generally have two species to choose from: Ricordea Yuma and Ricordea Florida. They are ideal for those who are beginners as well as those who are experienced with aquariums. Although Ricordea are easy to care for, there are a few things to consider before including them in your aquarium. Read More …

3 Ways Cannabis Can “Cure” What Ails Your Pet

12 February 2019
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As medicinal marijuana continues to gain acceptance across the United States, it is also gaining momentum in the pet world. Here are three benefits you should know about cannabis for dogs and cats. Cannabis Can Provide Pain Relief Just as humans suffer more aches and pains as they grow older, so do dogs and cats. They can also develop arthritis in their joints. A cat or dog won't be able to tell you they are in pain, but there are signs you can look for. Read More …

Three Gift Ideas For Fido This Holiday Season

30 August 2018
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Do you plan on buying your dog a gift this holiday season? If so, you're certainly not alone as 95% of American pet owners admit to buying a Christmas gift for their pet. In fact, the Christmas season is the most popular time of the year to buy pets a gift. Other holidays that fall close behind include Valentine's Day and Fido's birthday. If you like to do all your shopping early, here are three gift ideas for Fido this holiday season. Read More …

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what you need for a healthy aquarium

Having an aquarium in my home has always been soothing. I love to sit back and watch the fish swim around and socialize with each other. If you are just starting out with keeping an aquarium, there are a lot of things that you should know. The equipment that you buy, the solutions that you use to maintain the proper pH balance and the food that you feed your fish must all be just right. My blog can help you identify the things that you need to buy for your aquarium to keep the water clean and your fish healthy.