what you need for a healthy aquarium

If you are just starting out with keeping an aquarium, there are a lot of things that you should know. Learn tips for keeping your fish healthy.

Why The Corn Snake Is An Excellent Choice For A Pet Snake

9 January 2017
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If you are planning on purchasing a pet snake, consider the corn snake. Whether you are a long-time reptile lover or a first-time snake owner, a corn snake is a great choice. Pet corn snakes are highly popular, perhaps one of the most popular pet snakes of all. The name comes from the days when farmers stored corn in sheds, buildings, and wooden barrels. Rodents were always trying to get into the corn, so corn snakes used corn storage buildings as homes to eat the mice and rats. Read More …

Getting A Chameleon For Christmas? How To Set Up Its New Home And Care For It

13 December 2016
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Chameleons are interesting lizards, and many people like them because they are calm and they can change colors to match their surroundings. You should understand, however, that chameleons are not easy to care for because they have to have the right balance of heat, places they can hide, and the right type of food. Because of this, you need to make sure you set up their home properly and provide them with the right type of care. Read More …

Kitten Care Tips For New Pet Owners

12 October 2016
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If you recently acquired a kitten, or if you are searching for one to own at the moment, knowing how to care for it properly will become a priority. Kittens are relatively easy to care for if you have the proper pet supplies on hand to help. Here are some tips you can use in making sure your new pet starts off in their new home with a healthy and happy life. Read More …

Keeping Game Meat Cool In The Field

23 August 2016
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It's a great feeling for a hunter when he or she hits a deer, elk, or other game animal cleanly and swiftly. It's not such a great feeling for a hunter when he or she realizes all that meat needs to be hauled back to civilization — and fast. Game meat is like other meat; it's subject to spoiling if left in conditions that are too warm or too moist. If there is a meat locker or cooler business nearby, you can move the carcass there while you continue hunting. Read More …

Natural Ways To Freshen Your Boxer’s Breath And Phase Out Plaque

30 June 2016
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If your pet Boxer has foul-smelling breath that causes you to turn your head, as well as several teeth that are covered with a thick layer of plaque, the following natural products may help eliminate these dental problems. As a result, you will welcome your pet sitting closely to you, and your dog may receive a rave review from their veterinarian concerning the condition of their teeth. Deer Or Elk Antlers Read More …

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what you need for a healthy aquarium

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