Buying Your First Saddle

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Buying Your First Saddle

14 December 2021
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For individuals that enjoy riding horses, a quality saddle can be an important purchase for allowing you to comfortably and safely ride your horse. If you are still fairly new to owning a horse, you may be unsure as to the types of factors that you should look for when buying a saddle.

View Your New Saddle As An Investment

A quality saddle can be a somewhat expensive purchase to make. However, it is important to appreciate that this is a riding accessory that will potentially be able to last for many years before it will need to be replaced. Additionally, the saddle will be one of the factors that will have the biggest impact on your experience when riding. These factors can make it worth buying a high-quality saddle, even if there are cheaper options available as they may be less comfortable and far less durable.

Consider The Saddle's Fit To Yourself And The Horse

When you are evaluating potential saddles to buy, it is easy to get distracted by the appearance of the saddle. However, the fit of the saddle should be the factor that you prioritize when making a choice. In addition to making sure that the saddle will fit you in a comfortable way, you also need to ensure that it will effectively fit the horse as well. If the saddle is unable to fit you or the horse, it can make it far more difficult for you to effectively use it while riding. For this reason, you will need to measure your horse so that you can choose a saddle that will fit it.

Purchase Treatment And Cleaning Supplies When You Buy The Saddle

Your saddle will experience substantial wear while you are using it. To keep the saddle looking its best and the wear and tear that it experiences as low as possible, you will need to regularly clean and treat the saddle leather. When buying your new saddle, you may want to purchase enough saddle cleaning solutions and cleaning brushes to allow you to regularly clean the saddle after using it. Fortunately, you will become faster at this essential maintenance, and you may eventually be able to completely clean the saddle in as little as a few minutes. In addition to cleaning the saddle, it should periodically be treated with leather moisturizer to replenish the oils in it in order to reduce the risk of deep cracks forming or the leather becoming extremely stiff.

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