3 Ways Cannabis Can "Cure" What Ails Your Pet

If you are just starting out with keeping an aquarium, there are a lot of things that you should know. Learn tips for keeping your fish healthy.

3 Ways Cannabis Can "Cure" What Ails Your Pet

12 February 2019
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As medicinal marijuana continues to gain acceptance across the United States, it is also gaining momentum in the pet world. Here are three benefits you should know about cannabis for dogs and cats.

Cannabis Can Provide Pain Relief

Just as humans suffer more aches and pains as they grow older, so do dogs and cats. They can also develop arthritis in their joints. A cat or dog won't be able to tell you they are in pain, but there are signs you can look for. They may walk with a limp or show definite signs of difficulty moving. Cats may not jump to their favorite high perches any longer. Dogs may have difficulty jumping up into the bed of a truck or into a vehicle.

They may develop arthritis in their spine, which can give a humpback effect or cause their back legs to be lame. They may be lazier, preferring to just lay around rather than exhibit their previous vim and vigor for life. They may also become more irritable and even snap at their humans if they try to move them. As they become less and less inactive, their muscles may atrophy. Both cats and dogs will also lick or chew on areas that are painful. Cannabis will provide pain relief as well as return them to their spirited selves again.

Cannabis Can Reduce Epileptic Events

Dogs can also suffer from seizures, but cats rarely have epilepsy. In can be terrifying to watch anyone, man or beast, have a seizure. They thrash about. Their eyes roll back. They may cry out. They clench their teeth. The seizure may be short-lived, or it may seem as though it will never end, and the bystander is left helpless. This is especially true for dog owners as it's not as if you can call an ambulance for help. As with humans, most causes of epilepsy are unknown, although a genetic component is sometimes suspected as they occur more frequently in some breeds. Regardless of cause, the irregular brain activity that precipitates a seizure can be reduced or eliminated with the use of cannabis.

Cannabis Can Reduce Stress

Cats and dogs can suffer from stress just like their humans do. Of course, they don't suffer from the same causes, such as being overworked, but they feel stress, nonetheless. A perfect example occurs annually around Independence Day. Dogs, in particular, can become petrified from the loud noise of fireworks banging in the distance. Cannabis can relieve this anxiety and allow them to relax.

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