Kitten Care Tips For New Pet Owners

If you are just starting out with keeping an aquarium, there are a lot of things that you should know. Learn tips for keeping your fish healthy.

Kitten Care Tips For New Pet Owners

12 October 2016
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If you recently acquired a kitten, or if you are searching for one to own at the moment, knowing how to care for it properly will become a priority. Kittens are relatively easy to care for if you have the proper pet supplies on hand to help. Here are some tips you can use in making sure your new pet starts off in their new home with a healthy and happy life.

Bring Your Pet To A Veterinarian

It is important to make an appointment with a veterinarian to give your new pet a complete evaluation regarding their health. They will provide you with their recommendations about a vaccination schedule as well as when you should bring your pet into be spayed or neutered. Your veterinarian will be able to tell if your kitten has issues requiring medication as well.

Prepare With The Right Food Choices

Cats and kittens are carnivores by nature, requiring them to have foods with a high protein content. When selecting a food for your new pet, take a look at the label to make sure chicken, turkey or beef is one of the first three ingredients listed so your pet has enough protein to provide necessary nutrients they need. It is important to avoid products that specify "animal by-products" as the meat content. These are not as healthy for your pet.

Purchase both canned and dry food for your kitten. Dry food tends to be cheaper, but does not provide moisture content for your pet if used alone. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations regarding food brands to feed your new pet as they will know which types are best if your kitten has health issues, as well as which kinds will help them maintain a healthy weight.

Assist With Grooming To Keep Your Kitten Clean

Your new pet will need a litter box filled with cat litter to use for bathroom purposes. Kittens instinctively know to use this area for elimination. Place your kitten in the box so they are aware of its location in your home. Doing this a few times during their first days at home will familiarize them with the litter box, reducing bathroom accidents as a result.

Purchase a flea comb to remove any parasites from your kitten's coat if necessary. It is not recommended to use any chemical agent to remove fleas until after eight weeks of age. Your kitten can be bathed in a mild detergent to aid in cleaning their fur. Pick off fleas using the comb or a pair of tweezers. 

Provide Your Kitten With Fun Activities

Kittens love to play! It is important you spend time with your new pet so they become used to your voice and touch. Pick up a few kitten toys at a pet supply store to allow them to exercise. Small plastic balls, cloth mice, and feather toys work well at getting your pet excited and moving. Move your hand across the floor to entice your kitten to spring into action in capturing it. Your kitten will enjoy this time and it will aid in making your new pet comfortable with you as well.

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