Natural Ways To Freshen Your Boxer's Breath And Phase Out Plaque

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Natural Ways To Freshen Your Boxer's Breath And Phase Out Plaque

30 June 2016
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If your pet Boxer has foul-smelling breath that causes you to turn your head, as well as several teeth that are covered with a thick layer of plaque, the following natural products may help eliminate these dental problems. As a result, you will welcome your pet sitting closely to you, and your dog may receive a rave review from their veterinarian concerning the condition of their teeth.

Deer Or Elk Antlers

Antlers are horns that contain branches. They are made out of bone and commonly grow on the heads of male animals, such as deer or elk. Boxers and other dog breeds can chew on antlers like they would chew on a bone, and they can digest the antlers without experiencing negative side effects. Since the antlers are made out of a stiff material, they will reduce plaque when your dog chews one. Antlers can also loosen food products from teeth, resulting in fresher breath.

Buy antlers for your dog from a pet store and give them to your Boxer on random occasions when you would like to treat them and assist with reducing oral problems that they have been experiencing. 

Carrots And Other Firm Vegetables

Carrots or any other type of uncooked vegetable that has a firm surface will help reduce bad breath and will scrape away plaque whenever your pet Boxer eats some pieces of one. Wash a couple pieces of a vegetable that is stiff and slice them into bite-sized pieces. Mix the vegetable pieces with dry or wet food that your dog enjoys. Offer raw vegetables whenever you notice bad breath or a discoloration in the color of some your dog's teeth.

Homemade Fruit Snacks

Any type of fruit that has a hard coating and that is not considered to be a citrus fruit will be beneficial for your Boxer to consume. Citrus fruits should be avoided because they contain a high level of acid which could give your dog a stomachache. Apples or pears are two types of fruit that you can safely give to your pet. Wash a piece of fruit off with water. Slice it into bite-sized pieces. Mix the fruit pieces with wet dog food.

Use cookie cutters to create dog-sized treats with the mixture. Arrange the treats on a baking sheet that has been slightly greased. Place the sheet in an oven that has been adjusted to a low setting for several minutes. Once the dog treats have slightly brown edges, remove them from the oven and wait for them to dry. When your pet Boxer eats one of the treats, the fruit pieces will naturally freshen their breath. The hardness of each treat will help reduce plaque from the surface of teeth that have been affected.

Offer each or all of these natural items to your dog whenever dental problems persist. After bad breath and plaque have been eliminated, you will be able to prevent future dental problems from arising by continuing to offer the food products to your pet. 

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